About Comedy For Depression

Our family began supporting Depression Alliance at our mum’s funeral in 1998 as one of the charities we asked people to donate to in her memory. Our mum, Stacey, had bi-polar disorder (then still often called ‘manic depression’), and she died as a result of her illness when she was aged just 34, and we (Vanessa, James, Ashley and Fred) were aged 11-16. We continued to fundraise ad hoc for DA over the years that followed, and 6 years ago, we started to run Comedy for Depression. This started as a much smaller affair than the successful annual event it is today, thanks to the amazing support of everyone who has bought tickets, returning year after year, and to the incredible comedians who have generously donated their time.

Comedy For Depression-why we do it

Whilst so many memories of our wonderful mum are wrapped up with memories of her illness, we still spend a lot of time together reminiscing about the fun times we had with her, so running a comedy event in her memory is a fitting way to honour her and help us to focus on those happier times. We know for sure that mum would love this event, and it’s a real honour to be able to raise money for Friends in Need (a service which transferred from Depression Alliance to Mind) to support people in similar situations to her whilst coming together as a family to put on a great night of live comedy.